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bed set, hemstitch taupe, 260x240 (FR/CH)

The 'Bamboo' bed linen series are made of a rare soft mix of bamboo and cotton. Bamboo is naturally very soft and is one of the most ecological and economical materials available today. Because of its durability and super soft, aesthetically pleasing characteristics, it is considered in the industry as the 'fabric of the future'.
Did you know that we spend one third of our life time sleeping, we burn about 60 cal. per hour, change position about 160 times while our body loses up to 2 litre of moisture per night?
Considering these facts we made sure our bed linen meets the highest standards in softness, comfort, and durability:
- bamboo is 60% more absorbent than cotton
- since bamboo is so extremely soft, fabrics of 100% bamboo would not be as strong as cotton. In order to make it "the best of both" we made a blend of 50% bamboo and 50% cotton. Supersoft and durable!

Composition: 50% bamboo / 50% cotton

Design: duvet cover is completely white, with an hemstitched border in taupe colour on the flanges of the pillow covers. The duvet cover can be combined with various designs of pillowcases.

A single person duvet cover comes with one pillowcase.

Not sure about the size of your duvet or pillow cover? Please check the Size Guide


Length 220 cm
Width 260 cm
Height 0.01 cm
Weight 2.29 kg
Material 50% cotton / 50% bamboo
Color White
Unique code 0500201510

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