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bed set, hemstitch taupe, 260x240 (FR/CH)

This cover is part of the series "Bamboo". These duvet covers are made of a rare soft mix of bamboo and cotton. Bamboo is naturally very soft and has many advantages:

- Bamboo fabric is one of the most ecological and economical products available today and many believe that because bamboo is long lasting, super soft, aesthetically pleasing, economical and ecological, that it is the 'Fabric of the Future'.
- Bamboo is 60% more absorbent than cotton, which makes it the perfect fabric to use in our home linen.
- Since bamboo is so extremely soft, fabrics of 100% bamboo is not as strong as cotton. In order to make it "the best of both" we made a blend of 50% bamboo and 50% cotton. Supersoft and durable!

The duvet covers of these Bamboo series are completely white, and can be combined with the various designs of pillowcases.

Quality : Blend of 50% bBamboo and 50% cotton
Design : duvet cover is competely white, a embroidered pattern with Paislet design in charcoal color can be seen on the flanges of the pillow covers.
A single person duvet cover comes with one pillowcase.

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Length 220 cm
Width 260 cm
Height 0.01 cm
Weight 2.29 kg
Material 50% cotton / 50% bamboo
Color White
Unique code 0500201510

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